Firelegend (firelegend) wrote in lj_biz,

An idea.

You know how most of the time people are posting URL's in there journals? Well wouldn't it be cool if in the app's we use to post messages there was a URL entry field? Kinda like the way there is a Subject field.

Then URL's would be stored sepratly from the entry itself (DB wise anways), and could have a title so I would be more apt to actually name the link.

I had this thought because I know I have posted so many great URL's whenever I am researching something, such as health remedies, or php/msql solutions... etc..

It would be neat if there was a way for me to interface with JUST those links and not the entries, like a way to sort all of the links I have linked to. Often I remember "oh yeah a year ago i was searching for that and I posted a bunch links to it, but I have searched my calander in LJ and just can't find when i posted it"

I nearly use LJ as a link repository myself..

Hope I explained it well!

- brandy

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