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Question about LJ's uses in the business world.

My company's department is looking into a new discussion board system to distribute announcements and take some of the burden off e-mail. Some of my colleagues have proposed standard, boring old board systems and I have a few days to throw together a counter proposal. I have used LJ for some time now and am a big proponent for using it because I think it perfect for our business and I really respect what you are doing. I think, with some obvious and slight modifications (such as making "friends lists" into "Projects lists" and securing it for intranet as opposed to internet use, for example), it would be the perfect tool because it does everything we need for our department and more (it would be very easy and useful to promote inter-departmental communication and project-coordination with the communities feature). Plus it has the benefit of being a very stable and extremely well-tested system already.
My question is, is there someone I can contact to discuss such an option? Is there a "tutorial" or limited pre-built demo of the system I could show off or do I need to build one? Do you export to businesses at all? How much (this one should probably be at the top of the list actually)? Discuss modifications, system resources, etc. I searched a lot of the site and I couldn't find anything about professional usage.
I am sorry if this was not the best place to post this, I wasn't sure who to go to, though. Thank you so much for your help with this

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