Kemayo (kemayo) wrote in lj_biz,


Occasionally in the last few weeks LiveJournal has gone down somewhat obviously. As in, mass 404s. I wish to suggest that a standard 404 error message might not be the best impression to give to any potential new users who may stumble across us at these times. It kinda implies that there used to be a site here, but it's gone now. Bad idea.

It's not hard to create a customised 404 error message. Possibly just something that redirects to - I suspect that that might allay the worries of established users as well; most others I've spoken to during these downtimes don't know about the status page.

*shrugs* Anyway... this just occured to me. (I posted it here instead of lj_dev, because it seemed to be more of a business user-relations issue than a development issue.)

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