Fezziwig Fandango (bandicoot) wrote in lj_biz,
Fezziwig Fandango

Another possible paid user payment site

I just ran across Kagi, a San Francisco area site that specializes in e-commerce - handling online sales, distributing products, mostly software, taking payments, and handling customer relations. They are set up to handle payment methods we currently can't deal with, such as checks and credit cards from all over the world. Their FAQ, including their fee schedule.

I don't know how their fee schedule compares with other payment sites that have already been looked at and rejected. While Kagi is primarily a software site, if the fee schedule isn't out of line, it might be useful to check them out to see if they could expand our ability to attract paid users that don't like or can't use PayPal. It would also give us a way to sell future products without having to use some other site that might go away suddenly like our T-shirt site did.

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