Blame The Drugs (bobert225) wrote in lj_biz,
Blame The Drugs

LiveJournal Mentioned In PROJO Article

Today's Sunday Providence Journal Bulletin (Providence, Rhode Island) has a great article on Weblogs in its LIFESTYLES section. LiveJournal was the most prominent blog mentioned, as well as the only journaling service that had its URL mentioned! The article was written by Phil Kloer of Cox News Service.

Part of the article:
"WEBLOGS ARE PERSONAL INTERNET sites organized chronologically and updated regularly, sometimes several times a day. Growing from a tiny underground Internet community only three years ago, there are now more than 1 million Weblogs and online journals, estimates Mark Kraft, business manager for"

Not in the article, but what I found from a Directory search:
At least 1,000 users of LiveJournal live in Rhode Island - it could be more, because not everyone lists where they are from. I personally think that this article will boost LJ's user numbers even more in this area.

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