Dustin LindenSmith (iamom) wrote in lj_biz,
Dustin LindenSmith

user utilization rates in relation to propensity to purchase paid membership

I found a hell of a lot of dead journals while recently surfing the directory; these journals were either completely empty or hadn't been updated for more than 6 months. Do we have statistics available to analyze how often peoples' journals are being used? Could usage categories be developed to review those who update their journals at x intervals?

My question comes from the same source as this post on increasing the paid membership base. The last time I checked, we had over 400K users on here, but it would be interesting to know how many of these are "active" journals. Perhaps a friendly communication campaign re paid membership benefits could be started with the most active non-paid users, for example. We could also draw small samples from that population (n=600, say) and survey them on their LJ usage habits in order to discover their propensity to upgrade their membership.

Any thoughts?

Addendum: I found the stats page - now I'm looking for a cross-tab of "update frequency" by "account type".

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