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Martin Atkins

S2, Customizable Comment Pages, and Friends Views

I wasn't sure where to post this for maximum coverage of relevant people, so I guess I'll post this here and then post some links to it in a couple of other relevant places.

There's a decision to make. This decision regards the customizable comment views under S2, and their linkage from friends pages. First, some background information....

Under S2, the comment links will change to something like, where the comments live in the 'namespace' of the user whose comment it is. This page will then render using whatever S2 style the user has configured. The mechanics of this process are not important to this discussion, so I'll wait until another time to explain S2's relationship with message boards.

The issue arises when it comes to linking to the message boards from entries on friends pages. Should the style of the linked entry be that of the user who posted it, or should it reflect that of the user whose friends page it was linked from? Here's an advantage and a disadvantage for having friends pages link to comment views in the style of the friends view, to start us off...

  • Disadvantage: It requires a different URL style for this application. This URL may be something like /users/username/friends/friendname/12336 or similar. This gives two kinds of URL for the same content, and dilutes the canonical URL in the user's own namespace when the users link to this URL. Possible solution: automatically canonicalize URLs linked in entries to the standard form, as will be done when and if the "number of comments" parameter is added to avoid people creating links to non-canonical URLs which are confusing for end-users.
  • Advantage: There is no massive interface change when browsing friends entries and leaving comments. Right now, everyone knows the comment interface because it's the same for everyone, but do people really want to learn a new comment interface for every friend they have on their list? Also, it may be strange to go from a sylish blue, black and white style to a garish pink and yellow Comic Sans MS style with text glow.

I'm hoping other people will be able to think up other advantages and disadvantages, and also I'd like to hear some opinions. Your opinion counts, but try to consider both sides of the debate before jumping at an answer.


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