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I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but I'm curious as to LiveJournal possibly setting up a lottery of sorts.

Like, a user pays $1 to enter, they get like 3 sets of 5 numbers (1 to 60 ?).. and like.. the winner gets a perminent account (value at $100)... now you think if you can get 10% of the users to go in the lotter per go around, it would gross about $12,000 per shot ... wouldnt it ??

Personally I think LJ should take advantage of its massive user base and start little activities like that ... it'd be a nice source of alternate income. I mean, you could even do:

Grand Prize Winner of 1 Perminent Account
15 Winners of Yearly Accounts
30 Winners of 6 Month Accounts
60 Winners of 3 Month Accounts

That would STILL make the $12k worth every penny.

... thats just my opinion... I could be wrong.

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