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(Custom) Protected Entries

Is there any way to make it so that when an entry is custom protected, you, the poster, can see which group can see the entry? I'm thinking an alt-img tag so that when you wave the mouse over the lock icon, it displays the name of the group, in case, god forbid, you made a mistake and posted to the wrong group. It also would allow the people that are allowed to see your entry to see that it's custom-protected, so that they don't go blabbing its contents to someone they thought had seen the entry. Does that make sense to anyone else? If that's not feasible, putting the name of the group in parentheses next to the lock might work. I'm not asking for usernames to be displayed; people might think that's too much info. But just seeing that post up there with the lock on it is unnerving, to say the least. I have a tendency to go back into the client a dozen times to check my "Edit Last Entry" post options.

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