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LJ on The Screensavers

Going to bat for the LJ crowd, I TiVo-ed The Screensavers on TechTV tonight. I'll try to get it captured and compressed later tonight; I'll try to make a few different sizes available for people of different bandwidths. Anyone who wants to host it, let me know. I don't want to hammer my work box that bad for something that's more a private matter.

For those who are too impatient for an encoded file, here's a transcript:

(Leo introduces Megan's "Download of the Day" segment)
Megan: Do you have a diary, Patrick?
Patrick: Nope.
Megan: If you had a diary, would you like everyone with Internet access to be able to read it whenever they wanted to?
Patrick: The reason I don't have a diary is it'd be incriminating. It could be used in court!
Megan: Ooh, I didn't think about that. These days the kids are calling the online diarys "web logs," or "blogs" for short. Yes, it is a phenominal and people write what happened to them that day, they put links to other sites, it's crazy.
Patrick: It's like what people used to do in the old days of the web, except they don't need to use HTML to do it now.
Megan: Exactly. It's very easy. And sometimes you need a server or a URL and sometimes you don't. With LiveJournal you don't, that's what I'm going to talk about today. Here it, um, I'm updating it. You can download this, I'm actually doing it straight from my browser, but I can download it on Mac, or on Windows, or your Palm Pilot. So I downloaded it and sometimes I write on the bus with my Pilot-Palm Pilot and then just sync it later.
Patrick: That's great.
Megan: Yeah, so here it is, you can sign up for and account for free, and if you want to take a look now you can see here on the screen it my journal, and I promised everyone I would ask you why you wear the kilt.
Patrick: (laughs)
Megan: And people are wanting to know, so do you have an answer?
Patrick: (continues laughing)
Megan: Because before, you just game me a blank stare.
Patrick: Uhhh, well I don't know. How about because it's more anatomically correct?
Megan: Hm, that's a good answer. I'll have to share that with...
Patrick: For the sheer joy of it?
Megan: that in my diary. Now all of your thoughts are available.
Patrick: Maybe I need a blog.
Megan: You do need a blog. So here's the thing. It is free, but right now, to keep the community a little...structured, you need to be invited.
Patrick: Ohhhhh...
Megan: So I have a few codes that I can give you, e-mail me at and I'm going to expect a hundred-word essay, completely gramatically correct, or, I have some extra, just in case you make some grammar mistakes. And they say on the web site that they're going to move away from the codes, it's going to be free.
Patrick: So they have to send you a hundred-word essay, to get you to invite them to blog? You're going to get like ten thousand essays tonight.
Megan: I love those things, because I was an English major.
Patrick: And you better get them all graded by Wednesday.
Megan: Okay, I will.
Patrick: Check out Megan's LiveJournal, where she's told apparently all of my secrets. To get your own code, e-mail Megan your hundred-word essay at That's so frightening.

Megan's username is meganmorrone, for those who are interested.

Stay tuned to lj_biz for the video capture, later tonight or maybe tomorrow. =)

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