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Digging for buried treasure...

Hey all... I can use a volunteer(s) to do a project for me.

Basically, there have been a lot of ideas posted here, and some ideas posted in the past either on different journals or on the old lj-biz list. I can use one volunteer to go through and create a list of all of the ideas that haven't been implemented in the old lj-biz list and one to do it for here (lj_biz)... The lists basically need a short (2-5 word definition) of the idea, followed by as many details as the original person who posted left about the idea. Also, include any feedback the idea received from Brad, if applicable. Yes, this might mean making a long list, but most of the work should be finding the ideas, copying, and pasting...

Also, if anyone knows of any ideas that have been posted on any other journal page, or if anyone has any ideas in general, they can reply to this post with the details.

BTW - I like the idea of a suggestion box. I'll create something of the sort in the near future, even if it is just something like the Talent Pool... useful until something better comes along.

So, who's up for the task? I'll need an old member of the list to cull through their mailbox, but what about someone interested in creating a list of the ideas around here? Any new volunteers interested out there?!

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