Alex (pinrad) wrote in lj_biz,

I was not sure whether to post this in lj_biz or lj_dev, so I cross-posted to both communities.

I was wondering if there has been any consideration in adding SSL capabilities to paid account journals. I know a fair amount about the actual HTTP protocol itself, and I am still in the process of learning more about SSL. I thought that SSL would be a good addition to the paid service because many people are using Livejournal in work environments where their employer hires a third party to monitour all network activity on the company network. I know it is the companies' right to monitour their own networks, but there are measures that prevent this sort of thing on the behalf of the employee, such as an SSL-enabled Livejournal account.

I am not sure how that would work with posting to Livejournal via the web or a client, as I do not know enough about the client architecture. Someone please inform me of the limitations.

Regardless, the feature could be a "paid accounts only" feature or it could be an add-on feature. (e.g. For an extra $2 per month, you can use SSL when viewing your journal, calendar, friends-page, userinfo, and so on.)

So essentially, one year of Livejournal, with SSL, would be $49, rather than $25. SSL would be optional, of course. I myself would be willing to pay the extra $24 per year for it. Understand, I am not trying to raise the price of paid accounts, but rather suggest add-on features that would be optional.

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