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Tony Sutton

LiveJournal featured in NTK Now

From NTK Now, 2002-02-01 -

prizes accrue

The BLOGGIES are announced, and all of the constantly updating, filter and linking, daily diarists of the Web are there to cheer the winners on. Excepting the folk, and those everything/nothing kids, and the advogato/kuroshin journalers, of course. Nope, this one's for people who do *proper* weblogs. But if so - where was JORN BARGER, weblog ur-father, the man who coined the very term? In one of those perfect coincidences, Jorn's website,, running since 1997, disappeared from the Web just about the time the Bloggies were being revealed. Of course, Barger's been "disappeared" off the blog community's giftlist for a while. When his Israel divestment campaign veered into what some called out as anti-semitism, shocked bloggers removed their links to him, like shoppers determinedly looking away from a mother slapping her child. So it's unlikely he'll snatch that lifetime achievement award any time soon. Jorn's cranky, of course: a Kibo-loving hippy and underemployed Joyce fanatic who sits in his bed and scribbles about AI. Weblogging, like everything else he pursues, is an obsession. WIL WHEATON, by contrast, is the well-rounded cute geek boy of legend: the quoteable, filmable, film-quoting ex-RenFaire ex-Trekee yukster who tips a beanie to the Fark guys, knows the slashdot mod jokes, and gives respect where it's due. No surprise he won most of the awards. And isn't that what the

Net's about?
- and who'd do better with $20.02?
- "I bet his financial problems are a result of the Zionist control of the world financial markets"
- "/me does the happy dance"
- "I live on bread and water, so as not to submit to the Idiots."
- just the domain name renewal cheque clearing

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