I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote in lj_biz,
I'll po YOUR lite!

LJ Mentioned in The Oregonian

I'm sorry if this is off-topic. I wasn't sure, but it seemed that lj_biz would want to know. If there is a more appropriate forum, let me know and I'll repost this.

The Oregonian had an article ("Dot-com diaries") in the Living section yesterday (Wednesday the 22nd) about online diaries, and livejournal got a mention. We were listed first in the little box listing sites to look at if you want to start a diary (the other sites listed, in order, were www.diary-x.com, www.diarist.net, www.opendiary.com and www.blogger.com) and were also mentioned once in the article proper.

Just thought y'all would like to know.

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