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New FAQ concerning copyright

This was supposed to be implemented into the TOS weeks ago, but I think it's better as a stand alone FAQ. This has also been discussed in Abuse and was fully accepted as it pretty much states what we want concerning information. Can someone in charge of FAQ's please get this implemented into Conflicts with other users, or where ever it should go? FAQ below:

Procedure for making claims of Copyright/Trademark infringement genuinely respects the intellectual property of others. To wit, we ask that those posting to this website and subsequent journals, respectfully do the same. If you believe that your copyrighted/trademarked work has been copied and is accessible on this site in a way that constitutes copyright/trademark infringement, you may notify us by providing our copyright/trademark agent (I.E. LiveJournal Abuse at with the following information:

01. The electronic signature (meaning full legal name) of the owner of the copyright/trademark or the person authorized to act on the actual owner's behalf.

02. A description of the copyrighted/trademarked work that you claim has been infringed upon and a description of the infringing activity.

03. Identification of the location where an unauthorized copy you claim is infringing on the copyrighted/trademarked work exists, for example the URL or username of the journal it is posted in. Along with the date and time if necessary. You must include enough information to allow us to locate the material.

04. A valid email address or other valid means by which we ( may contact you if we deem it necessary.

05. A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the actual copyright/trademark owner, its agent, or the law.

06. A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your Notice is accurate and that you are the actual copyright/trademark owner or are authorized to act on the actual copyright/trademark owner's behalf.

07. Failure to meet any of the above criteria will delay your request by several days, and in some instances even cancel said request entirely.

08. Do not make your requests to the general support board, especially concerning requests which may contain personal information. Be sure to make requests to only. Doing so assures confidentiality to you, as only the Abuse Team members will be able to see it.

Note that the use of celebrity icons/photos, cartoons, etc., on cannot be claimed as copyrighted/trademarked by users unless you are the actual owner. If you use something that you don't have the copyright for, we're probably not going to do anything. But if the owner contacts us, we may ask you to remove it. Many of these images are available on the internet in various ways, and as such many users may be using them. Therefore, you cannot be granted sole use.

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