Alex (pinrad) wrote in lj_biz,

I am aware of the fact that many ISPs (including Hotmail and have been contacted by the FBI, regarding the placement of monitoring system on their networks.. to monitor email and web traffic, looking for possible signs of terrorist activity, etc etc etc. (you know the story)

I was wondering if LiveJournal has been contacted about monitoring user posts in regard to terrorism... ?
Also, if a journal is strictly private.. or strictly friends-only, and a government agency requested that the contents of the journal be submitted for review, would LiveJournal be forced to submit the contents, including private and friends-only posts?

I guess, what I am asking is.. are there any monitoring devices in place at LiveJournal or at its host network at this time?

(I know this isn't a press conference, but my curiosity is absolutely driving me mad)

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