_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in lj_biz,
_The_ Wench


Every time I post to this community I have someone (the same person each time) tell me I shouldn't be posting it here. Doesn't matter if it is a suggestion or a problem.

I apologize if I am bothering everyone but I would like to point something out before I leave this community to keep from bugging people with my posts being "in the wrong place".

Over the past 6 months or so when the site has began to really take off and grow, paid users have been ignored if not forgotten. Our journals are down as much as the free users and we have the same problems everyone else has except we pay for the problems. So the way I see it, I am a paid member so I am business and lj_biz seems like the place I should post when I have a suggestion.

I love LiveJournal and I want to help support it in any way I can but I am also paying for a service. Please keep this in mind when dealing with paid users. You lose customers this way. I feel constantly as though I am paying for the free users and I get the same service they do.

And I know this is probably not the place to do it and I don't want to hear how I have posted this in the wrong place but can I suggest that maybe there is a time limit on free accounts and that when someone deletes their journal, it actually gets deleted. I have a journal I deleted over 6 months ago that I am still able to reopen and get old posts from it (at least the last time I checked). I hear everyone complaining about server space but this huge journal I made tons of posts to for months is still there.

Just a suggestion. I will leave this community now so you don't have to worry about me posting to it again after this.

And thanks Brad for bringing LiveJournal into existance (and any other people who where involved and are involved now) because it has changed my life in a positive way and helped me to find many new and wonderful friends in my area.

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