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Who handles Account Upgrades ???

I've found this to be discouraging. I'm trying to contact -SOMEONE- at LiveJournal for the past 3 days on why my payment over PayPal cleared, but I didn't revieve an eMail from LiveJournal or anything.

When I sent an email to accounts@livejournal.com .. my request was simply forwarded to the Support Forum where it has been just sitting and rotting because no one there has the ability to upgrade my account or assist me.

There -seriously- has to be a more direct line of communication to LiveJournal support other than a barrage of users treating me like the everyday fool "Wondering, What IS a payed account" and dirrecting me to sections in the FAQ.

There needs to be a support escalation (sp??) system. Where if something is submitted to the Support Area that no one there can answer, or that is beyond their control, it will go on to a more senior member of the LJ community.

This is a call for help, and a compaint. So file it wherever you please.

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