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Please read this first. Update: Ok forget the link... someone deleted the post.

When that posting was made, two people pointed out - rather politely - that lj_biz was not a community appropriate for the post that was made. That's fine.

Then, within the next hour, two other people made comments, one of which may have been a bit abrupt, but the other was - in my opinion - downright rude.

The poster of the above indicated that they were new to LJ (journal created 8 days ago) and I don't think that was a very appropriate or helpful response. To threaten to report a user to abuse for what appears to be an error of judgement, is just the kind of thing that is going to turn users away from LiveJournal.

Now, I have been at the receiving end of similar attitudes across various LJ-related communities, and this is not the kind of attitude that LiveJournal should give to its members - paying or not.

I am not impressed.

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