Alphabet City (astralle) wrote in lj_biz,
Alphabet City

Useless idea

Ok, I have this idea and was told to post it here. I'm sure it'll never come in to being, but I feel the need to post it, so I will, doggone it! :-)

My idea is sort of two-fold and would be great for those of us who enjoy keeping up with our friends list.

When I'm reading my friends list in the order that it shows up, I get a little confused because people are posting sequentially and we get the posts in reverse order. I was thinking that if there was a "time stamp" feature implemented, we could effectively "mark" the last place we were up to date with our friends list and then click on "find mark" or something to get there and then read in the order than they were actually posted and not get so confused.

The second part of the idea would be for the pages not to update the way they do now in the "forward" version of the friends list. Now, if you go back or forward 15 posts (or however you have it set) the page updates with whatever new posts have been made and things shift accordingly. In the forward version of the friends list, it would be better if new posts didn't shift other posts to different pages.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Ok, I feel better having posted that. Feel free to ignore it. :-) I just had a muse and had to share it.

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