Opi (opiummmm) wrote in lj_biz,

Staff update:

There is currently a LiveJournal staff composed of 6 people. Only 1 of these people is hired as full time. All of us are paid monthly, as contracters.

LiveJournal staff, at this time, is:
bradfitz - who mainly does development/sysadmin work
dormando - who is our primary remote sysadmin
sherm - who handles our accounts department and consults with the abuse department
opiummmm - I handle alot of internal issues, some PR projects, and alot of misc. stuff that just bugs everyone else ;-)
avva - who will be handling alot of code issues and leading our internationalization support
insomnia - who handles alot of PR

evan, who is still an active volunteer, has since resigned from his active duties, and is no longer paid.

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