Dustin LindenSmith (iamom) wrote in lj_biz,
Dustin LindenSmith

volunteer drive etc.

Been hearing some complaints about service lately, and noticed some constructive comments made on here about how people can help out during busy times for Brad and his team. Is anyone aware of what particular skills are possessed by our various users? Has there ever been a strategic "Volunteer Drive" amongst some qualified folks who might be able to help out?

Integrating application support into the fabric of the LiveJournal community itself strikes me as a great way to strengthen the membership and improve the overall LJ experience. If our LJ decision-making team is unable to arrange the plans and execution for such a campaign, I'd be happy to volunteer some time to help put it together.

You know, I'm walking out on a limb here without really knowing the full scope of What Needs To Be Done in the next 3-6 months. Maybe that's what I'm really volunteering my time to help out with: Taking stock of our present operational situation and helping to craft a strategic action plan to accomplish our most important objectives. I have experience in this area and I could make a positive contribution there.

Any interested folks please reply at will.

Nova Scotia, Canada

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