Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

the userpic help area as of yesterday.

i've been working on it bit by bit, and have had a few requests for userpics over the past week or 2. the fact that i'm getting requests kind of justifies the existence of a userpic volunteer area. this isn't complete yet, i need to find out the users i've worked for for the user list, and make a couple of other changes, but right now, this is probably 85% complete and ready to "publish."

i've already had one suggestion about adding a small how-to on saving and uploading the pictures, but the faq explains this pretty well. i think i will need some assistance, however, with unfamiliar computer and internet systems such as aol and web tv and mac. i'm a windows user on pc, always have been. i did a picture for a user using web tv and she didn't seem to know how to save the images on her hard drive. what IS web tv anyway?

i keep getting questions totally unrelated to requesting a userpic. how do i upload, why won't this work, and so on. perhaps inserting a disclaimer about the userpic volunteers not being regular support people, to direct all other questions to the support area would be a good idea.

well, i've rambled on quite a bit.

i must say the community thing is outstanding. i've considered making a joint journal with me and petfish and whoever else becomes a userpic creator for the sake of keeping each other up to date in an easier fashion....

more rambling. k, toodles..


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