Opi (opiummmm) wrote in lj_biz,

2 New Comics! scan & jamarchronicles!

Over at ljcomics we've joined up with two more comic artists!

First there's scan, written by scottbateman. Scan is actually a graphic novel set to release some time in 2002. You can catch the updates every Wednesday over at the Scan Webpage, or by adding "scan" to your friends list.

And then there is the LiveJournal release of a comic called The Jamar Chronicles. Snipped from their site :

The Jamar Chronicles is the story of a clueless guy who's job is to save the known universe... even if he knows it or not. To aid him on his training (Because you gotta get trained before you can save the known universe - DUH) is a... well... a talking doormat. And they jump through dimensions via a wooden door. Weirding you out? Well, then I gather you gotta just buy the comic book to figger it all out.

Be sure to check out the jamarchronicles!

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