James (flashfire) wrote in lj_biz,

LJ Caps?

No idea whether or not this has been discussed between anyone else or not, but this came up in a dream last night, of all things.

LiveJournal's got T-shirts for sale through Punctuate, as most people know by now. What about offering LiveJournal baseball caps for sale? I was wearing one in last night's dream, but it wasn't the kind of design I'd think of. The one I think would be good would be the same pencil logo that's on the front of the shirts and something simple in back with 'www.livejournal.com' or 'livejournal.com' shown where you adjust the fit. Of course, they'd be one size fits all.

The things I don't know about have to do with what it'd cost to make them, who would be a good manufacturer to sign up with, whether or not it'd be reasonable to have more than one color scheme, and what kind of profit LJ could be in for if something like this came to pass. Does anyone have any ideas on that end of things?

An example of what type of cap I'd be thinking of can be seen here at the store for a comic book called Astronauts in Trouble -- it's not as 'stiff' as most caps you find for sports teams and the like, and this particular one doesn't have a plastic snap back to change the size. Rather, it's adjustable with a little buckle.

Another example can be found here at the store for a comic strip called The Norm. This one has a few different color options to choose from and it's made of canvas, while the AiT cap is made of cotton.

I've e-mailed Larry Young (AiT) and Michael Jantze (The Norm) and Jantze has already replied. He suggested the best bet is to go to a T-shirt shop company and look through their catalogs, that the brand isn't as important as the fit and look. Wonder if Punctuate would do something like this?

If/when Young replies, I'll post his advice as well. I've talked to both of these people in the past and am on good terms with them.

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