Stone Butterfly (stonebutterfly) wrote in lj_biz,
Stone Butterfly

LiveJournal Community News -- Show us your Ts Contest

Hey there, LiveJournal Community News (comm_news) is holding a "Show us your Ts" contest. We want you to show us your LJ spirit. Take a picture of yourself sporting your LiveJournal T-Shirt, make a post in your journal with the picture, and then send an email to thren with the link to your post and which category you want to enter in, and you too could have a chance at winning a year's paid membership (or an equivalent prize for those with permanent accounts).

Don't have an LJ shirt? Borrow a friend's, make your own! But show us your support, and we'll show you the prize.

Read for full contest rules and details!

You have until October 31st to get your submissions in!

Also, be sure to check comm_news for your weekly news update on LJ events, development, interviews, weekly polls, and other fun and informative stuff!

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