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LJ Newsletters.


People still bug me (and I'm sure people bug brad and mark as well) about sending an e-mail to all of those who are marked as willing to receive a newsletter.

So, why don't we? I'll tell you why, and if you really care about it, enough of you will stand to fix these problems.

To start, we have nothing of value to send. Tell me what we should send!

In my own world, a newsletter should at least contain:

One big point of interest.
Two smaller points of interest.
Four-five minor points/links/snippits.
happn monthly or bi-montly.

Do we have anything good to send? I don't think so. We cannot promise any new features as we are still working on the documentation project. I honestly do not know what else we would send in the newsletter.

Give me enough good material, and I will step on people's faces until it gets sent. Again, if I have enough material in-hand which can be readily seen as worthwhile, and valuable enough to not waste anyone's time, I will have it sent. If you want to do this, comment here. One of the lj_manage folk will swoop down and carry you off to a magical land where they will harass you endlessly until you finish the work you have pledged to do.

To preemptively answer a question or two:
- Why don't we mention the documentation project in an e-mail if we need it done so badly?
The answer to that, is the attempt would be ineffective. Just about everyone reading the newsletter who is able both with time and skills to contribute to the developer docs already are contributing. We don't have enough people on hand to sift through all of the things we would get back that we cannot use. As much faith as I like to have in people, we cannot bury ourselves with things we cannot use. We are letting down the people who try, and we are letting ourselves down for trying.

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