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Just joined.

1st off awesome job here you guys, thumbs up!!

2nd a few ideas which may have already been talked about. ( my computer is giving me the red ass and its calling me names and laughing at me before it crashes so I haven't had the chance to look at the archives of this community yet )

Idea: Are shirts all you have in the merchandise dept.? If so what about going into different types of clothing? I love the panty idea, but besides that what about styles of shirts, baby tees, tank tops, long sleeve? How about jackets, caps, and visors. I beleive these items would make for an excellent income for LJ and would most definitely sell.

Another idea is what about stickers, patches, mugs, keychains etc.. Just as effective for advertising LJ and probably cheaper for most to obtain. ( The minors of LJ )

Possibly expanding the "live journal" merchandise may generate extra income for the developement, it would also expand the concept of LJ and bring in more people. Which in turn would most likely generate more $$$.

And one more thing (of which I feel stupid for asking) I lost my purchase code for my shirt is there anyway of finding out how long it will be untill it should arrive and if it doesn't who would I go to to cry about it?


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