Scripter (scripter) wrote in lj_biz,

Money Making Idea

Not sure if this has been posted before, but since so many people post their current music for their journal posts you can link those to amazon (or your retailer of choice) and have those links be part of the afiliate system of that retailer. IE people say 'oh, Rufus Wainwright, that looks interesting... *click*' and buy it and LiveJournal gets 10%.

I thought of this after I saw a few people mentioning music/musicians I hadn't heard of, but sounded interesting so I bought the CD's (and downloaded mp3's as well).

Of course, that could be extended to 'what book your reading' 'what movie yoru watching' etc. And a dropdown could be used to choose what medium your engaged in while writing your journal. The actual link to amazon or whatever would be the easiest part I think...

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