Jillian (jillw) wrote in lj_biz,


Sultry, sassy, sexy! A LiveJournal shirt shaped with women in mind, and ideal for hugging the curves!

Shaped with women in mind? My butt.

Ok, I know I am not in the minority about this, so I will post it. I am EXTREMELY upset that the women's t-shirt doesn't offer an XL size. The other two "mens t's" do and it offends me. I mean, I am a mother and we all know what happens to a woman's chest when she has a child. I HAVE to have an XL and that was the shirt I wanted. WHY is it not offered? I mean, The men's tshirts are $3.00 less a shirt and they are offered the big sizes. I want the woman's shirt in at least XL. Please, someone tell me why they weren't offered and if you tell me it's because there wasn't enough call for them, I'll bean you with a noodle. Most of the girls on my list are XL kind of girls and this upsets me.

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