defunct (thegreatdark) wrote in lj_biz,

Why other services suck, and LJ doesn't suck: (and why it shouldn't ever change)

Yes, I know it's not planning on being changed, ever. I've just heard it suggested too many times to "delete inactive users to clear out space," when that's not the problem. (FYI, I created this account "fishybob" to look at diary-x and why LJ was better, and if there were any ways LJ could improve, 90 days ago. just got the e-mail today) This is why inactive account termination sucks:

According to our records, you have not logged in to your diary-x account in the
last ninety (90) days. In accordance with the terms of service, your account
is scheduled to be deleted on September 18, 2001. If you would like to
terminate your account you may do so by sending a message to . Please include your username and reason for

To keep your account active, go to and log in with the
following username and password:

You will not recieve another notice.


The Diary-X Team

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