Catalyst Echo (microchaotic) wrote in lj_biz,
Catalyst Echo

What helps LiveJournal? request for clarification and discussion.

I am sure this topic has come up before but I'd like to open it up again in light of the new invitation system.

What helps the site and what is required to consider a contribution acknowledged?

To clarify my question I think there are a few obvious answers we can set down right here:

1. Helping in the Support area. This requires above average knowledge of LiveJournal and problem solving abilities. It works on a system of points awarded when support issues are closed. Each point represents one contribution toward helping the support team and 20 points generates one new invitation code.

2. Helping write code or develop the LJ system further. This requires technical expertise beyond the average users since I think LJ has quite a few HTML code monkies (though if it doesn't, please let us know! Tons of us users could be useful here)

3. Making improvements or suggestions unsolicited to the site or any other part of LJ. This is a very broad category but I think it encompasses useful contributions to such communities as lj_art, lj_biz, suggestions, etc. These thinks might come in the form of new styles, new mood icons, new copywriting for the existing documentation and literature... etc.

4. And obviously, paying for an account.

So what else do you all, as users, think would be a helpful contribution?

My answer will be below in the comments section in case people want to reply specifically to my suggestions.

Statement of Intent for this post: I am going to gather up any replies I receive and post a summary in a few days (probably around the end of next week) because I want to assist in generating ideas for users who want to help but don't have skills that fit into any of the above categories and don't know what else is needed.

I do want to make it clear that I'm not "fishing for invitation codes" or anything because, at the moment, I have no clue what to do with the codes I already have. Most of my friends are already on LJ and I'm not entirely keen on the idea of taking responsibility for (by providing access to) new users I don't know by making my codes public property. I just want to clarify the existing system and see what I can do to improve it and help organize things a bit.


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