Goofy (hmm) wrote in lj_biz,

suggestion : lj link tag

dear santa claus,
it would be great to have a special LJ tag (similar to lj-cut and lj-user), to link to a post or a comment just by the item id or so ...

... since LJ runs completly flawless again by now, brad & co must be bored to death and desperately lookin for something new to implement ... ;-) :-P

naah, really - i checked the lj source of the lj-cut and lj-user tags.
if i find my o'reilly perl book, and after consumption of 3+ beers i might be even brave, presumptuous and insolent enuff to suggest the needed source changes ... ;-)
and then LJ will be down again ... ;-)

but first it needs to be discussed, how exactly those link tag should look and work and stuff ...
and if someone else wants those link tags too ...

sooo, i would suggest two tags:

<lj post=123456789> would get blown up to
"" and links to a (root) post.


<lj reply=123456789/987654321> would get blown up to
"" and links to a reply.

.. or something like that ..

btw, i do not completly understand the thread id ("&thread=987654321#t987654321") part of a reply link.
are the last two numbers always identical ?

can the root post item id be derived somehow automagically from the thread id ?
and if thats technically possible, what additional load would that put on the server ?

as far as i understand, the lj-blah tag replacement mumbo-jumbo happens once at post time and not n^7 times while retrieving ..

whaddaya think ?
any ideas about syntax, tag name(s), add-ons ?
what about a way to specify the linked post by user/date/number_of_post or something like that ?

what funky graphics and text should show up in place of the link ?

* runs and hides * ... ;-)

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