Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Portland to Seattle

We ordered 3 GB of memory the other day to upgrade all the db machines. (the ones that are slow right now)

Thing is, we shipped the memory to Portland (my credit card billing address & LJ's official address) to both avoid paying sales tax[1] and because online companies often freak out when spending a lot of money and shipping it somewhere other than your billing address.

So... I checked UPS tracking and it's due to arrive tomorrow at my parent's house in Beaverton. Normally my mom accountant just forwards packages up here, but my parents are at the beach for a week. She's coming back Thursday for a few hours to do some errands, but if we could have this memory two days sooner, that'd rule. My brother should be home to get the package.

Anybody in the Portland area feel like making a 3-4 hour road trip tomorrow evening for the good of LJ? :-) We have an extra bedroom here and you can go to InterNAP with us to watch us install it. And I'll buy ya Red Robin. Ooooh. :P

[1] In retrospect, $60-$65 in sales tax isn't so bad, and I probably could've fought with them to get it shipped to Seattle.... *sigh* Live and learn.

Update: stompmgood is on his way with the package!!

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