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livejournal payment options

grr .. i just tried to become a paying member of LJ and failed miserably ...

i think livejournal needs more payment options.

paypal is almost unusable for non us citizens.

i just signed up for a paypal account, added my credit card but i still cant pay. my credit card needs to be confirmed. paypal does that by issueing an transaction. now i have to wait four weeks until my printed credit card statement will arrive. then i can look up the transaction number and confirm my credit card at paypal - and then i will be able to pay to LJ ... hopefully.

thats just crap.

paying by 900 number doesnt work either outside us ..

so what about credit card payment via ibill ?
hmm. that might work - i havent tried it.
why not ? because i dont know what LJ info will appear on the credit card statement.
i dont like the idea that my tax counselor (or parents or kids or significant other or whoever), after looking at my credit card statement, fires up the webbrowser to read my journal ...

sooo, LJ should add more payment options, especially some that are usable from outside u.s.

on the paid accounts info page or in the faq should be a sample of the LJ info that appears on the credit card statement or similar transaction statement.

i think privacy is an issue for a number of LJ users that still have no paid account.

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