Strangers Almanac (stryk) wrote in lj_biz,
Strangers Almanac

Pray for me to win Powerball! the Powerball is up to like 175 million bucks tonight. Well I was doing the usual, "what would I do if I won it" thinking. I came up with something new to add to the list. If I win Powerball, I want to support Livejournal. I don't mean I want to be some big overseer who wants control and makes demands(though I would want the directory back.) I think I would just be happy with my own little journal the way it is with my small group of friends that I have never even met. I would just give some cash to those responsible like Brad, Evan, Dormando, and Insomnia. I know there are others, I mean I silently read all the lj biz and news and maintenance sections, but if I start listing people, I will forget someone. I would then donate a million to help you guys find people to help with the many problems you work day and night to overcome.

Since I only have a 1 in 80 million shot,
lets just hope one day some LJ user does hit it rich and doesn't forget about all of us.

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