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hey kids..

I wrote this idea to insomnia a few days back, but figured I'd post it here, too.

It looks like people are more interested in LJ t-shirts than they are LJ paid accounts. So, why not make a little marriage of the two, eh?

LJ shirts are going to be - what - six bucks more than what it costs to make them? Something around there. But anyhow, why not have people be able to get a free t-shirt with a year of paid account userness? Note this shouldn't be applicable to retro users, on that note.. take a look at AOL: they now offer some obscene number of hours -- like a full month, day and night -- and I remember two years ago I got like fifty. So, yeah, post your thoughts, whatever, we'd be making eight bucks where bandwidth isn't a question (assuming shirts cost $12 and a full year of a paid account is $20). Just the S/M/L/XL shirts, not babydoll tees or anything. Yeah.



(lj): If you give us $25, paypal takes a bit and then we have $25
(lj): Adding a $12 shirt tax pisses me off
(me): How much do we plan to make from a shirt? six bucks?
L: something like that.
M: Well, like - if we're planning to sell shirts at $17/pop for a normal, M/L/XL tee, and paid accounts are $25 for one year, then that would be $42 together (paid seperately)..
M: so if we make an added option for paid accounts, being a 1-year paid account + T-shirt bundle at $40, we make slightly less money but then we have more of a chance that person will donate $25 more next year.

so yeah.

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