tee. (wild_mind) wrote in lj_biz,

another micro-idea

In reference to banner advertising.. I hate them. I think most of us do. They clutter up pages, take the personality away from the journal itself and just generally annoy most everyone who has to put up with them. Beyond that, advertising opportunities would have to be targeted to those pages that get the most hits, thereby maximizing the value and drawing in the bigger advertisers.


I can think of one page off the top of my head that gets an obscene amount of hits, and yet we each spend very little time there, so little in fact that a banner ad placement wouldn't be obtrusive at all: talkpost_do.bml. The confirmation page we see when we finish posting a comment to an entry.

My lack of programming savvy aside, does this page not get an exponentially large number of hits, moreso than any other page.. simply because of the high volume of comment traffic across livejournal at any given moment? Taking into consideration the massive hits the page receives (i.e., the more $CPM) together with the mere seconds any of us are likely to spend there - and it becomes a best-of-both-worlds location.

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