Delusional Angel (delusionalangel) wrote in lj_biz,
Delusional Angel

Community Journals

Ok added what Opi had sent me in the support area. Not edited yet, but I realize a lot of what people are having issues with lately has been the community stuff so I figured getting something up, no matter how raw it seems, was better than there being nothing.

Changes I need to make to it:
The grammar stuff that Evan listed on a previous post here.
Some e-mail from Brad on the community stuff needs to be included.
Have what Visions linked to here all saved in my e-mail.

But as it is now if it helps SOMEONE and takes a small load off of everyone else then it works. Not to mention that it was something quick I could do without my own nice computer (no more insulting it I promise - one fried motherboard and CPU is enough for this girlie).

If anyone else has any community stuff that I didn't list above send it to me in e-mail so that I can sort through it all and create a more usable FAQ (maybe more than one since I am not sure people will read through everything that I have so far if it is all in one).

After the community one is up and nice and purrty I am going back to cleaning up the others unless anyone else knows of another area that needs to be rushed like I felt the community stuff needed to be.

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