Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

livejournal's future

I've been thinking about livejournal's future a lot lately. In 6 months I'm done with school and I doubt I'll still be sane enough to run the site. Hell, I doubt I'll last another few weeks.

I've discussed this with a number of people and here are some of the proposals I've heard. They are not my ideas... I'm just relaying what I've heard.

* Keep it running for paid users only. Pro: less system load. Easy to make it run reliably. Con: kills the "community"

* Charge $2-5/year for a "base" account (the current "free" account) and keep the $25/year paid accounts (then "gold" accounts?). Pro: This would weed out a lot of abuse and also provide extra server/staff money. Con: annoying.

* Sell the site to somebody. Pro: Porsche? Con: who? Would they bastardize it?

* Give the site to somebody & continue to work for them, doing only what I want. Pro: sounds ideal. Con: who wants it, is reliable, and has skills?

Any better ideas?

Note: tomorrow maybe I'll find out why the site's slow and be happy again for a few weeks, but this'll only happen again. The amplitude between the highs and lows is getting too great.

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