Kevin M. Brooks (lucretio) wrote in lj_biz,
Kevin M. Brooks

A call to arms (of sorts)

I posted this in my journal, and it was suggested that I post it here as well.
Do not make a support request complaining about LiveJournal if it is not constuctive.

LiveJournal is a community-based, volunteer-run website. If LiveJournal isn't as good as you like it, HELP!
Ways to help:
  1. Patrol the support board and give thourough, complete, helpful answers.
  2. If you have an idea to make LiveJournal better, see about suggesting it. Do not give half-assed ideas you just thought of, and do make sure to follow the template. The more thinking you do, the better chance there is of your idea being accepted.
  3. Get a paid account. If you have one, you may give one as a gift.
  4. If you are a programmer, join lj_dev. You can download LJ code to a server of yours and create patches to help fix LiveJournal.
  5. Take a look at this FAQ: How Can I Help?

Bad-mouthing LiveJournal helps no one. If you need to do this, you may just need to calm down a bit.

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