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How 'bout them communities?! I always had a feeling that they would be popular, but even my natural tendency to believe that LJ is going to be a huge success couldn't have predicted the level of activity out there... it feels like a gold rush, of sorts! The coolest part about the whole thing is that these communities provide some pretty useful services to new users. It also provides a great way for potential volunteers to help Live Journal!

Take a look at opiummmm... A few days ago, he mentioned that there were some cool yet not necessarily official things on LiveJournal that should be posted somewhere and kept updated. Brad mentioned putting them on the somewhat out-of-date page. I threw in my two bits, suggesting that we recruit someone to keep communities.bml up to date... and while we're at it, we should enable users to create their own LiveJournal newspaper...

Well, since the idea was Opiummmm's in the first place, we let him run with it... and I am so happy we did! Community.bml has a wealth of content, and Opi even created the comm_news... a real LiveJournal newspaper and a wealth of community information! (Lil' Opie is looking for reporters, btw! Want to volunteer? Drop him a line...) Three cheers for his great display of initiative!

My two regrets...
1> I, once again, don't know what to do with
2> I wanted to have Frank somewhere on the masthead of LiveJournal News with the caption... "All the news that's fit to eat."

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