Gracie Clover (gracieclover) wrote in lj_biz,
Gracie Clover

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I need help!

I'm the administrator of the jewishfriends community. I've had to create a new community for obvious reasons if you see the first message from today. I tried to ban the user but the admin console refuses to co-operate (argh!!) which is why I created a new community. My new problem? My new community is closed to prevent the same person from earlier joining but now I can't get posting access for myself or anyone else on the new community since the admin console isn't working. How can I get this done???

By the way, can someone please remove the users adolph_hitler and evalove (posing as eva braun) from this website? Anyone posing as hitler is truly sick & twisted & evalove is giving me the creeps - she's got me down as a friend & I don't want anyone who admires someone that was in love with hitler reading my journal.

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