Mahesh Shantaram (msram) wrote in lj_biz,
Mahesh Shantaram

Dear fellow journalists,

The Internet is getting smaller. Can you feel yourself being chased into a corner?

In my journal, I've integrated search from AtomZ, stats from Escati, and the images were linked from Zing. Unfortunately, the closure of Zing has affected me adversely. There are many services on the Web that have begun charging now. Everything from email to online storage to photo sharing is becoming a paid service. In the days to come, it will become harder to integrate our Live Journals with other services. There's no saying who'll last and who won't.

That's why it is imperative that all these services need to be provided by LiveJournal itself. The email we all got recently said that journal statistics, image server, and full-text searches on journals were pipeline projects. Give the present situation, I feel these projects need to be hastened as they are basic services that every journal user will want. They deserve greater priority over, say S2, which is less critical, in my opinion.

I know Brad's stand is that developers at Live Journal work on whatever they think is fun. However, at the moment, I request that attitude be tweaked -- Let's work for Live Journal rather than for ourselves. "What's good for Live Journal is good for us." If these developers are volunteering their own time to code for Live Journal, let there be an immediate benefit. Features like search, stats, and image hosting make Live Journal more marketable. They are more likely to get users to pay and keep our site humming. That's what we all want, don't we?


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