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Integrated Jabber support within LiveJournal!

As some of you know, for the longest time, I've advocated that we should work with the fine people over at Jabber to integrate their open source chat features into LiveJournal. I emailed Jabber and floated the idea awhile back, but never heard anything...

Well, out of the blue, we've heard from Ryan, the head of the Perl team at Jabber, who has been assigned the project of integrating Jabber support into LiveJournal!

This is big news! Like LiveJournal, Jabber is a truly important open source project that deserves our support. Jabber is also a real business with real customers. It really says a lot about LiveJournal and how far we've come that they are interested in working with us. LiveJournal and Jabber have a lot to offer each other. We can provide them with a large, rapidly expanding userbase for their software. They can provide us with an even more integrated, enjoyable online experience for our users.

The possibilities of what can be done with this kind of integration are very exciting! We will be able to connect to Jabber using our LiveJournal IDs and Passwords, for instance, and Jabber will even provide LiveJournal with conferencing servers we can use for both groups and general use. There are even plans in the works for providing automated LiveJournal updates to online Jabber users. (Have you ever wanted a friends list that updated in real time? This kind of thing can be done with Jabber integration...)

If you are interested , Ryan has set up an account with us as reatmon and will post to lj_dev later to introduce himself and tell us more about this really cool project! (Can you tell I'm excited yet??!)

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