defunct (thegreatdark) wrote in lj_biz,

Popularity? Wow, LJ is popular!

Just got instant-messaged by someone seemingly random. I assumed she was referring to LiveJournal (since that's practically my life):

(Random person): It's all good.
I didn't mean to add you. Sorry if I made myself look like one of those random freaks who adds people because they share a single interest. My bad.
the great dark: Eh?

Eventually, I figured out was blatantly told the truth:

67231132: Oiy, no. I already added you to my ICQ list, but it was an accident.

But before that, I had asked her what her LJ username was.

the great dark: What's your LJ username, anyway?
67231132: <paranoid look>
LJ? Gee, what's that?
67231132: ecstatica, I think.

Is this cool, or what? Sorry for the bit of wordiness, but A RANDOM PERSON HAS A LIVEJOURNAL! Wow. I mean, from a completely different means of communication, I asked "what's your LJ username" and she knew what I was talking about!

LiveJournal has become a very popular service recently. Given, she doesn't actively use it (my guess, since she wasn't sure what it was), but she knew what it was?

I don't know about you, but that just kicks my ass and 3/4. :o)

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