Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,

LiveJournal commercials

LiveJournal commercials will be playing from today until the 25th in the following theaters, grouped by nearest big city.

It's not a lot of theaters, and we don't care too much.... it was cheap and we needed to play them somewhere. (the commercials were made for us super cheap too) We mostly wanted existing LiveJournal users to be able to see the commercials in their area.

Whether or not we run the commercials again, or on TV (nationwide?), will depend on a lot of things. We'll see.

San Francisco/East Bay:
1) Hacienda Crossings -- 5500 Dublin Blvd., Dublin
2) Berkeley 7 -- 2274 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
3) Emery Bay 10 -- 6330 Christie Ave., Emeryville
4) Galaxy -- 1285 Sutter St., San Francisco
5) Deer Valley 16 -- 4204 Lone Tree Way, Antioch

1) Division Street -- 16603 SE Division St., Portland
2) Lloyd Mall -- 2320 Lloyd Center Mall, Portland
3) Sherwood -- 15995 SW Sherwood Road, Sherwood
4) Stark Street -- 2429 NE Kane, Gresham
5) Vancouver Plaza -- 7800 NE Fourth, Vancouver

1) Galleria -- 550 106th Ave., Bellevue
2) Parkway -- 5910 S. 180th St., Tukwila
3) Poulsbo -- 750 NW Edward, Poulsbo
4) South Sound -- 1435 Oleny Ave. SE, Port Orchid
5) South Hill -- 3500 S. Meridian, Puyallup

1) Greenwood Plaza -- 141 E. Arapahoe Road, Englewood
2) Denver West
3) Thornton Town Center -- 10001 Grant St., Thornton
4) Denver Pavilions -- 500 16th St., Denver
5) Continental -- 3635 S. Monaco Blvd., Denver

Let us know if you see it! (I need to go hit a theater in Portland tonight....)

We'll be posting the MPEG and WMV files within the week so everybody can watch them.
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